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Worried while s…

on March 13, 2012

Worried while shopping with your kids? Arm them with a plan.  Teach them if they have misplaced you….

To walk directly to the cashier and explain that they need help.  The cashier is in a position to call to reunite you with your child.  Practice family names, and a favored phone #, while you are working on the basics; add address, as soon as they are old enough.  Use my trick, when my kids were young they could sing!

“667-6172, that’s my number, I love you!”  Use your number, rhyming and attach to a known song tune.

To practice, introduce your child to a cashier, then take your child to the back of the store and follow

him/her back to the cashier.  A low-key

easy  lesson……ice cream cones after, anyone?


One response to “Worried while s…

  1. I like the idea of teaching children their telephone number using a song.

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