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” A prepared child can t…

on March 17, 2012

” A prepared child can turn fright time into flight time.”. Melinda Reynolds Tripp

Author of Abduction Prevention Education, for children ages 5-13

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  1. iGameMom says:

    Have to figure out how to prepare them. Tips?

    • That is literally why I am here…..I feel that is why I was led to write the book, talk to children, parents , anyone interested……I prepare children by giving parents and teachers the tools to teach basic safety concepts,that they can then tailor to their child,and classes. Children have saved themselves, from would be predators, unsafe situations, unwanted advances and situations such as just being lost….using these plans…..that is why I have the mantra about a safe plan can turn fright time into flight time……a child frozen by indecision…..that is a scary concept.

  2. iGameMom says:

    Sure, I will be honoured. Where can I get the book?

    • Books are available in paperback, audo and ebook, through, Tate Publishing or from Amazon…..they should be available. If you have a bookstore in town they can also order it.

      What Should You Do? Helping Children Protect Themselves in the Twenty-First Century
      Listed under
      Melinda Reynolds Tripp

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