parent and teach safe kids

Say No, Go, and Tell!

on March 20, 2012

What safe kids do.

The plan, deceptively simple, will change and grow with your child.

Say No!  No to tricks, No, to bad behavior, bullying, bad choices……..

GO! Literally,  break-away, leave…..get to a safe place with a trusted adult,

Tell!  Telling is very important! 

No matter how upset or scared a child may be. 

Using descriptors is not always covered by parents, while teachers will use it for writing, they may not

use it for describing specific people, things such as vehicles, areas,  and situations.

A child using a good description may allow authorities to hone in on  a particular person,  vehicle or place.  Ultimately

one child may be able to change the life story, of another child, saving them…..just by telling.

The plan grows with your child, giving real life  story examples of these real life super safety heroes.

  • MLO62

    Posted February 19, 2011

     Highly recommended for parents & children

    This books is exactly what parents and teachers need to inform and educate their children on child protection. It’s written on the child’s level and is clearly illustrated for easy understanding and comprehension for the various age brackets of childhood. It’s a real MUST!

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  • Whine_Guy

    Posted January 30, 2011

     Read This Book, Save a Child!

    This is an easy to read, easy to digest guide to counseling young folks about the dangers of predators, bullies and other disagreeable types. Presenters are given a nice array of tools and case studies to create their own unique teaching experience. There’s a huge amount of valuable stuff in this compact guide. Very well done!

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