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Under the Covers, or what people have said about Teaching Safety!

on March 24, 2012

a sneak peek………

“The information that Melinda has provided to my students over the years has been invaluable. Now, through the writing of What Should You Do?, Melinda can help empower many more children around the world. Thank you, Melinda!”

Tami Truax
Parent and Principal, Turlock Unified School District

“Melinda has a passion for this subject and has made it a personal mission to insure that students are taught how to recognize and escape from dangerous situations. She’s a high energy, committed and caring educator. I whole-heartedly recommended her to any school or district”

Doug Baughn, Director of Student Services

Salida Union School District

“Sacred Heart School was privileged to have Melinda Tripp able to speak to our parents during a parent club meeting, before she did her school presentations.   She informed the parents of the empowerment they can give to their children, as they teach them of staying safe and ‘wise’.  Melinda’s stories and enactments of situations, made it pertinent for the parents on what they can do to help their children be ‘aware’.  We all ‘care’ that our children are ‘aware’.

During the school day, students in, Knd, 1st- 2nd, 3rd – 5th, 6th – 8th listened to the stories and participated in the role playing of what they can do to stay safe and aware.  Melinda’s program is presented to the students in an age appropriate fashion.  She is a  ’must have’ for our children.  We are concerned about the academics, sports, etc.  Let us not forget about the emotional stability of our children.  If we can prevent them from ever experiencing a traumatic or unnecessarily harmful experience, we have done our job well in the emotional level, also.  Knowledge is a powerful tool.  Thank you, Melinda, for being a beacon for safe kids.”

Donna Noceti, Principal

Sacred Heart School-Turlock

“The day of the assemblies proved that Melinda is a natural teacher. Her ability to engage and relate to students of all ages and grade levels is amazing. The assemblies are educational, creative, and efficient. Our students went away having an awareness and understanding of what it takes to be safe”

Brian Murphy, Administrator

Ceres Unified School District

“She goes out of her way to help kids stay safe… When crowds of kids gather on elementary school campuses to hear her, she speaks from the heart.”

Laura Cook, Reporter

Turlock Journal

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  1. Barbara @ Just Another Manic Mommy says:

    great feedback…you should be proud 🙂

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