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on March 28, 2012

 Look around, listen…..

Pay close attention to your surroundings when walking alone.  Anyone not paying attention to their surroundings could be a potential Target!

More about this in What Should You Do?

San Jose teen escapes kidnap attempt

KTVU.com and Wires

SAN JOSE, Calif. —

On Monday, San Jose police were investigating the Friday evening attempted kidnapping of a 16-year-old girl from San Jose’s Willow Glen neighborhood, a police spokesman said.

The incident occurred on the 2100 block of Coastland Avenue in San Jose’s Willow Glen neighborhood around 5:20 p.m.

San Jose police Officer Jose Garcia said initial reports indicate that the girl was approached and assaulted by an unknown man who was carrying some type of electric device, possibly a stun gun.

The man reportedly attempted to force the girl into his car, police said.

Police said the suspect’s vehicle was described as a red, compact passenger car, possibly with tinted windows.

The suspect was described only as a Hispanic man who was wearing a hooded sweatshirt.

Police said there was no immediate indication that the incident was connected to the disappearance of Sierra LaMar, the 15-year-old Morgan Hill high school student who went missing on March 16.

Sgt. Jose Cardoza of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, which was investigating LaMar’s disappearance, said investigators with that agency were aware of the San Jose incident.



  1. I have so,many nosey questions!
    Was she wearing earbuds?
    Was she walking an unsafe route?
    How could she have improved her situation prior to the attack?
    Was she actively aware?
    Most pedophiles will pass up someone looking around, checking out the people around them.
    This takes away the disadvantage of walking alone and empowers them!

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