parent and teach safe kids


on April 15, 2012

If  a child is lost in a store or mall setting, they should not begin to yell for their parent.

They should walk to a trusted adult such as a cashier, so they can call the parent to come to the child.   A child appearing lost can become a target.  A child, “on a mission” to go to a trusted adult will not appear lost.

If they cannot see how to get to a cashier they can ask a mother with a stroller  for help.  That parent can accompany them to a cashier if asked.

For Campers……

When camping, make it a habit to  have all children wear whistles.  If they become disoriented, even in a large campground they can whistle and the family will hear them.  Or, if they are on a family hike in the woods, and lose track of their family, they can sit down, listen for parents, and friends calling their name, then use whistle.

Like all of my strategies, having a plan turns fright time into flight time….it allows a child the empowered feeling that they can save themselves, they have a plan.



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