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The Lighthouse Walk, for today, and always…..

on April 15, 2012



Walk with your head erect, watching, alert, checking side to side.

Look at the people briefly around you, let them you know you are aware and have seen them.  This is not aggressive and it is not staring, just glancing to let others know you see them.  Most people have good behavior, but a person seeking a target will be on the lookout for someone NOT PAYING ATTENTION!


If wearing earbuds, take one out when walking out of doors.  You would. It walk blindfolded, you need to hear and see what is going on around you.


If you perceive an upcoming problem an aware person can change the outcome by using their awareness skills.



Sitting down in the salon, I notice the young woman next to me has green and gold nail colors she has chosen for her manicure, I smile and ask if she perhaps is from the town in which I taught…..Hilmar, CA.  She said the colors were for the upcoming Packers game….

But she said she was from Hilmar, oh, I told her I was a teacher there some time ago.  The conversation continued, what grade? Fourth. Then I said she might remember the safety assemblies I taught.

Then it dawns on her…….” you taught me the lighthouse walk!”

According to her, she has been using it every day since she learned it. Now she uses it going from her college classes to her car safely. How old was she when she learned it?  She was nine….

Oh yes, I was proud the days my children were born, graduated, had their children…..but this day, when I came face to face with a stranger to me, whose life I had changed, empowered, with my safety message.  yes this was a proud day.


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