parent and teach safe kids

Colleen breaks away and saves herself.

on May 4, 2012

Two men following the school-bus saw one girl get off.  She had become a target.  Her mother was late coming to the end of their dirt road to pick her up. Unconcerned, Colleen began walking up the road. The men pulled beside her; the passenger jumped out and reached for her, he grabbed her backpack…she released it off her shoulders diving between the barbed wire fence into the dairy cow enclosure, running to the barn to safety.

She simply used her wits to say,”No!” an obviously bad situation, she went and told, Collen is a safety superhero. Her story has empowered thousands of children.  Any child can be a safety superhero.

Collen is now happily married, and an emergency room nurse……a hero for life.


One response to “Colleen breaks away and saves herself.

  1. It’s always great to hear the sucess stories! Unfortunately, we usually hear about the tragedies…

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