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The Not So Good Habits Your Kids Pick Up from Social Media

Social media….how are you dealing with it in your home this summer?

Sue Scheff Blog

Social media. The good, the bad and the not so good!

The social media heyday shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, and likely will just continue to gain speed and momentum as it appeals to younger and younger audiences; however it can’t go unnoticed that the values it’s teaching our children are less than ideal, especially in regards to unsafe internet habits. As social media becomes more prevalent, so do our kids apparent lack of regard to what is considered over-sharing and what isn’t.

Social media has made it completely acceptable to engage in the following less-than-safe behaviors:

1. Checking into places – It’s become commonplace to check into places once you get there; whether it’s the gym, a restaurant, or even a different city or state from the one you reside in, you’re now able to post onto your social media sites where you are…

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Every morning with Eli starts off pretty routine.

He wakes up before the sun. He tends to go from sound asleep to ready for the day in about 3 seconds. I admire this about him. He did not get it from me.

This morning he was particularly excited that Uncle “JonJon” had spent the night. Eli had planned the day before his feet could wiggle to the floor. “I’s a p’way. I’s a watch cartoons. I’s a go park. I’s a dance a song…”

We continued to chat as I readied myself for the day.

“Mama! High-fives! ‘Dat’s a good job!”

“What’s a good job?”

“You’s puts ‘da pants on! You did it! Good job! You’s sure are a big boy!”

My inner dialogue went from, “I wonder if God gets up this early?” to “This is going to be the best Thursday ever!”

Eli has a heart to encourage…

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Facebook Monitoring and Teens: Tips for Parents for Online Safety and Social Networking

Great to see more safety education for Parents on the Internet!

Parents' Universal Resource Experts

Summer is here.  Years ago it would mean more time playing outside with your friends – today it can mean more time surfing – online that is.

More children and teens than ever have engaged in social networking and although MySpace has faded, Facebook is booming and won’t be going away anytime soon – if at all.

As a parent, you have to take steps to insure your child’s safety online.

The more you know, the safer they will be.

Facebook is the hub of social activity for many teenagers.Unfortunately, just like any teen ‘hangout’ it can be a source of danger and negative influence, if not monitored. Kids want their privacy and don’t always tell their parents when they experience negative things online.

Cyberbullying through facebook has become an ongoing problem with teens. Your teen could be on the receiving or giving end of this issue…

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Timely Decisions are a Gift

Timely Decisions are a Gift.

A lovely letter from a daddy to his daughters……

Wishing safety and joy for all of our children!

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