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I said, ” I want to save the world!”

on June 3, 2012

So when I am shot down by a young pack of mommys at a bridal shower, I wonder, what now? If I cannot convince moms that they can indeed teach their children safety skills, that those empowered kids could be a gang of fun-loving group of  safe kids playing kickball outside, then why am I doing this?

These moms swore their children, even in agroup, will not be allowed to play outside, then I say, you need to read, it is possible to overcome fear, by educating not just our children but ourselves as well.

Take to heart the knowledge, that most people are good, with good behavior. If you teach your child an easy to use and remember set of safety skills it is possible for you as a parent to breathe easier, These skills will

Be used the rest of their lives.  They CAN say no, to bad behavior, or a bad situation,

They CAN go and tell a safe adult…….train them, a safe parent teaches safety.

9 responses to “I said, ” I want to save the world!”

  1. supertucksmama says:

    I agree %100 with you! We taught Tuck our address and phone number God forbid the unthinkable happen. They are little sponges and starting safety early is the best!

  2. cookiemomma says:

    Maybe I am the over cautious one, but I will not let my children out of my sight. When I was a child things were different and people were so carefree and I wish I could be that way with my children. My husband and I have taught our children over and over many safety measures, but with me being an investigator at the DA’s office that deals with the juvenile crime victims and my husband a dectective, we know that all the safety in the world is not going to stop a predator from hurting or taking a child who is unattended. With that being said, we live in a great neighborhood, but no place is truly safe even when adults are watching. My children are allowed to play unattended in our privacy fenced in backyard, but that is as far as they will go without an adult. call me crazy but I have seen WAY TOO MANY horrible things

    • Young children all need your attention, but as they get older it will be interesting at what point you will feel they can play within earshot, with friends. Knowing full well what constitutes good and bad adult behavior. Retreating to their own or their friends home, would be applicable.
      You really are in the thick of it, and a terrific mom, so as the kids get older I will be interested in
      When they will go bike riding or walk to a friend’s home. Let me know, years from now if you are still blogging along, at what age you felt comfortable. would you allow me to send you my book for your family and your child’s teacher? I love your feedback. If you join me at face book you can message me your address. Thanks! The book fan page is What Should You Do? My full name is
      Melinda Reynolds Tripp

    • I feel the same way that you feel but my children are in their 30’s now and as time goes on you will have to let them wander farther and farther…even school is not “safe” even family is not “safe” as you both well know. I am sure that you are aware that most predators are family or close friends. As a grandmother…today’s world is scarier than ever…my kids were little in Florida when Adam Walsh disappeared…some of us put our kids on leashes.
      Teach your kids safety and make sure they are able to come to you if something does happen to them…many times kids as they get older think they can handle stuff like “date rape” themselves…just be there and be aware.

      • Young adults and teens will only talk to their parents if there has been ongoing discussions. We have my husband’s older grand kids who have had drug and molestation problems,
        One did not “tell” for years. Just onerous reason I had for writing,
        What Should You Do?

  3. Melinda…you are so right…we as parents need to be realistic and teach safety to our children and remain aware ourselves to the situations that predispose our children to risks.
    We need to be there and we aware for our kids’ sake.

  4. Barbara @ Just Another Manic Mommy says:

    those moms drive me crazy; they aren’t helping their children by hovering neurotically over them.

    • I believe they should make all their decisions based on their children’s capabilities, their situation, and a large portion of situational safety education given in incremental doses, as they grow.

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