parent and teach safe kids


on June 19, 2012

In my local paper, the headline , Discipline, dropout rate discussed.  The author’s premise is that black boys in  particular, are not able to handle the school discipline policies and hence face a larger proportion of expulsion and dropouts  per capita.  They have gone so far to employ a reach-out program. Let’s discuss this,  teachers have the same standards for all of their students.  However not all of their students have standards that would help them succeed in school. School discipline is not supposed to be the first discipline.  The school standards are based on a teacher getting a child who has a baseline of attributes. What would a kindergarten teacher hope for in a student? He/she would hope they come from a happy, loving family that has instilled self -worth, and  a value system learned early on about how others should have basic respect, sympathy and empathy for a fellow human being. Hope that their parents were role models of  what makes a good person, and a safe and trusted adult. Hope they were fed nutritious foods to grow into a healthy and happy five year old. Hope that  they were taught what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Hope they were read to , so  that the first letters, numbers, words and books they see are in their own homes. It seems to me these are ingredients.  If you give a kindergarten teacher a child with the ingredients listed above they would both have a chance.  The child would have a chance of meeting the standards imposed by the state.  The teacher would have a fighting chance of  producing a first grader who can accomplish a miracle, reading, beginning to write, etc.

The second headline, Black parents say rules could hurt kid’s future.  So the rules are the problem?  Let’s go back to our ingredients list.  You know the old saying about whose problem is it?  Is the child being raised to succeed, or is the school system in charge of parenting also?  As a retired school teacher, I know teachers will be rolling their eyes at that!  For years they believe, they have been role model,, mother , father, counselor, nurse, police, and the complaint department, with  a side of educator included in there somewhere.

In my class one bright and cheery morning one little fourth grade girl ran up to me with a quiet smile and said, ” I had to hide under my bed last night, because Mommy and Daddy were fighting again, but I got my homework done!”

Let’s get back to the ingredients list.  Give the teacher a happy, healthy, well -adjusted, respectful child, and they will give you a good student capable of making the grade, finishing high school and becoming a,productive member of society.


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