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A parent’s perspective- SAFETY FOR ALL CHILDREN

on June 28, 2012

Book Forwards

We pray that children never have to face abduction, abuse or exploitation. We couldn’t imagine that our children Would really have to faceabductors for, make decisions, and take actions that saved their lives. But they did, we believe that the prior discussions in our home and school empowered our children to recognize danger and fight for their lives.  What Should You Do? Provides you with a tremendous tool to stimulate the discussion and planning that will empower your child.

John and Laurie Smith Proud parents of Kaidan and Mickenzie Smith 2006 National NCMEC Courage Award Recipient

Mickenzie’s story and the stories of other young heroes are used throughout the book to give children inspiring examples of  Young people becoming super,safety heroes, in the event that their safety education is needed.

What Should You Do? Helping Children Protect Themselves In the Twenty-First Century. Tate Publishing 2010 Available on Amazon , paperback includes an  automatic audio download, pics can be used for teachers with an overhead projector.  Ebook also available.


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