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The Line

on July 1, 2012


At the end of the school assembly, as the ” SAFETY LADY” is wrapping up and the children have all yelled , “Be Safe!” in an attempt to take the roof off,  the Safety Teacher, explains again, that she would love to talk to them , but as she had said it would have to be at the end.

(This is because the stories some have to tell may later include the need for a parent, an administrator or the authorities)

So,  with their teacher’s permission the children  are  now waiting patiently in line are a part of the larger audience.

Some of the children in the room will never run into a problem, a hard decision or people with bad behavior,

………..we can hope.

Some of the children will need an, easy to use plan of action, to make a safe decision.

and some, are currently being molested, hurt, abused or neglected.

These are the children who make up THE LINE.

Earlier they had all assembled with their classes in the gym, where all of the children sat quietly during stories of young heroes, yelled, kicked and broke away, when learning safety strategies.

They have asked their teachers to stay behind

Some just  want a turn to try the break aways,

Some  want to tell me a story about how they got away from a bad situation.

Some want to tell me about safety strategies they already knew.

Then there are the one or two in the school, who have suddenly found, in me, the outlet they needed.   I have made this subject open to them, in a safe setting surrounded by safe people.

I have broached this subject, and some of the hair raising stories they tell are the reason…….I must carry on.

Now with the book, the assembly basically is in book form for ages 5-13. It is so simple to  empower these young children.  The book belongs on every parent’s and teachers shelf to use to tailor situational safety for every child.

Real life happens.

We need safe teachers, counselors, administrators, etc,  to help children who are looking for a safe person to tell and believe them.

We need safe parents for children who are looking for a safe person to tell and believe them.

Remember as you pass a child, you cannot tell by looking at that child which part of the line they are in.

Be the safe adult,

Have the discussions, be open, listen….

Remind them,  reassure them.


Teach it.


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