parent and teach safe kids


on July 12, 2012

Last Friday,  a young Mommy, a wonderful member of my extended family, asked her four year old, (five next week,) to go get the family sand shovels up at their towels…..and when she looked up from her two year old to see him coming back..nothing.

She saw a sea of people, towels, but her son was nowhere in sight.

The mother ran directly to the lifeguard station, the mother said , “No,” to this bad situation, she ran to get help from a safe person, the lifeguard, and told. Yes, she used her own learned safety plan.

The young man took the information, radioing the lifeguards along the beach, and then they heard crying.

Behind the lifeguard station they find her son, alone, crying.

Parents, Teachers,

Please don’t let these teachable moments pass you by.

Even if you believe that your child understands his safety plan, saying no to a scary situation (ie;lost)

Going quickly to a safe adult, and telling.  If he could not find the lifeguard station a second choice is to teach your child to  find a mom with children and ask for help.

She was so sweet to share her “scared mom story”

…….and I pass it along, for you to use as your own reminder.



  1. Barbara @ Just Another Manic Mommy says:

    Thanks to you, we often talk about safety plans…but haven’t about getting lost at beach (just water safety)….and we were there today! Going to get on this convo at breakfast…THANKS!

  2. I’m so glad you talk about safety! This was my niece and family a few weekends ago!

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