parent and teach safe kids


on July 26, 2012

A summertime suggestion.

Discuss the following with your child.

Are you feeling safe here at home, happy, calm? Not worried?  That is a green light sort of feeling.  It is a feeling  that if you were just hanging out, playing a game, reading or listening with two earbuds you would feel safe.

So then when we are out and about is that green light? No, that is Yellow Light!

When you are out in the world it is your job to pay attention.

Use the lighthouse walk pg.46

Drop an earbud, you can be safe and have sound….

When suddenly faced  with a situation, calmly use the safety plan you have in place and

Say no to the situation, leave or break away as necessary, get to a safe adult and Tell!

Rehearse, practice…..every child loves to scream “no!” on cue and practice break-aways

Use pages 41, 43 and 63 for these practice sessions.

Use everyday news to discuss how children handled situations successfully.

Always reassure your child that they have the power to help and save themselves if they ever need to, and  that you will always be there to believe them.

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