parent and teach safe kids


on September 6, 2012

Summertime is drawing to a close.

Ours was filled with the anxiety of complete bedrest for a very pregnant daughter which gave way to a lovely, healthy grandaughter.

The death of our dear friend’s son, funeral, memorial, and our surrounding them with all the support we can muster!

The unexpected, harried,  but happy move from cabin to lake home, with happy birthdays for grandaughters along the way.

You see our grandson celebrating our move as only a five year old can!

Now…….back to a “more normal” pace.  We celebrate the coming of Fall,  mindful of our many blessings.Image

Off to School-

We made sure as he headed to Kindergarten we talked about strangers being people he did not know,

that most people are good and will help you, and to tell us,  the teacher or yard duty if someone has bad behavior.

He sang his Dad’s phone number for me and I was ready to let him begin a life of education!

Then I Saw it, Oops!

A big No No…..his Mom bought him a back pack with his name on it. Cute but, Yikes!

Had to tell her, that is one of the first ways a pedophile can slow a kid down….call them by name, reading off their own backs!

Dinner Discussion Topic

Discuss playground behavior with your children at the dinner table.  If there is trouble on the playground you will want to discuss it, and allow them to tell you how it was handled by the staff, surrounding children,  and your child.  This will allow you the chance to discuss the subject before your child needs to handle this behavior themselves.

Happy Back to “Normal” and the School Year folks!


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