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Super Heroes, Let’s Hear it for the Good Guys!

An under cover camera,
Resolute officers training in a bunker to plan an attack,
Timing, timing, timing……
Our FBI and special OPS guys rule the day..
They waited patiently, and when an opportunity presented
Itself, they blew open the bunker and saved the boy.
Super Heroes
Not everyone can do what they did, but it is your job to do your bit,
all of us can pay attention,
be aware of the people round us…see what you can do….
The life you help save , will be a loved person….
Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

You too can be a Super Hero


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Years ago I sat with my babies on my lap when they finally pulled baby Jessica from the well

Today, I, along with the rest of the nation wait, hoping that the little 5 yr old who was kidnapped off his school bus will be returned to the safety of his family. The atrocities, brought to even the quietest of communities across our nation, by copy cat crazy folks just keep coming.

Three days ago, a man with very bad behavior (remember we do NOT say Stranger / Danger, this is about behavior) killed a school bus driver as he attempted to save the school children on his bus. He then took one child, a five year old boy, to his under ground bunker, from where he is now negotiating with an army of officers above ground.
We wait, we probably second guess with our spouses what could be done….we wait, we pray.

We do need to be vigilant, in our awareness of the members of our communities. Use your intuition, and your powers of observation. Most people are good, going about their lives in a safe and normal fashion. however in every community there are a few people who may suffer from mental illness, and people who seem to live on the very fringe of society. It is your job, when you have concerns, speak up, and keep speaking up until your worries have been relieved.

You may never know the lives you have saved.

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Safety Book Give Away

For Valentines Day this year I will be sending as valentines, ten books across the country to bloggers who are interested in reading, and sharing my book, What Should You Do? Helping Children Protect Themselves in The Twenty-First Century, Tate Publishing 2010
One writer is sharing this book with her education administrators in Connecticut….everyone wants to give children a safety education that will be useful rather than scary.
Every child needs empowerment, having a safety plan , in their “back pocket, ” means that in an unsafe situation children will have a plan to fall back on. Teach all children, tweens and teens, they have the power to say No to a bad situation, Go, quickly….run if necessary, and TELL!

You can message me your address on Facebook, or email me at tripptalkca@yahoo.com before February 8th, so that I can send you your copy, for Valentine’s Day.

If it turns out you have friends in “High places,”‘we can arrange further distribution of books to you.



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Run, Hide, Fight


As parents and teachers we watch the copy-cat
Crazy folks commit further atrocities and ask,
“What Now?”

Man killing Bus driver and taking five year old hostage…..
Junior High children, bringing guns to school……shooting with terrifying accuracy.
” What now?”

I have outlined all the ways children can stay safe in my book, What Should You Do? and for 99% of instances, this game plan works when they have a way to get to a safe place.
Say No to bad behavior, Go to a safe place and person, and Tell.

But what if this is not enough? Your child will have safety drills at school. Run, Hide, Fight- They will be told to lie flat or run to a safe place….check with your school superintendent’s office and get a copy of their safety drill format. That way you can streamline your parent-child-teen discussion to include what they teach at the preschool, elementary, jr high and high schools.