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Courage in the Face of Evil

on May 7, 2013


How many people don’t even know that many women and children are being held captive in America until
Someone is found, saved, or in the case of the three women held captive in Cleveland,
Someone able to save themselves!
It will be very instructive for me, as a safety educator to learn how the girls were each kidnapped,
How they were held, and what kind of physical and mental torture (control) they were subjected to.

I feel for the the officers and investigators over the last decade, who missed the signs.
Screams in the night….perhaps rape, or childbirth?
A reported women crawling naked through the back garden……but never found.

This will be a really horrible, heart wrenching case,
not unlike the abortionist killing babies in Philadelphia.

The hope I have now is that all of these men will be prosecuted, and given sentences so tough,
that cases across the country will suddenly be reopened. Remember Jaycee Dugard?

Just maybe parents will read about these girls and decide that they could teach their own children
that a few people have bad behavior, we steer clear of those people, and stay aware of our surroundings, keeping ourselves and those we love safe.

If a child is confronted by bad behavior- say NO, GO and TELL!

I am so grateful for the courage of these women, and all who continue to be held captive in our midst. I pray that their courage and strength will lead them all home.



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