parent and teach safe kids

Teach Behavior Awareness Not Stranger Danger

on May 13, 2013

What safe kids do.

What safe kids do.

Most people are strangers to us, we have not met them.
Most of these people are good and have good behavior.
Teach your child what good behavior looks and feels like.
A very few people have bad behavior,
Teach your child to be aware of what people say and do.
It is the behaviors of the people around us that we need to be aware of.
Teach a child to use their intuition, be aware of behaviors.
If something sounds or feels wrong……icky……get away from those kids, teens or adults and go to a safe person to tell.
It is very important for your child to be grounded in the knowledge that if ey re kicking and screaming the good people who are EVERYWHERE, will help them!
For more information of parenting or teaching a safe child
What Should You Do? Helping Children Protect Themselves in the Twenty-First Century
By Melinda Reynolds Tripp On Amazon, or through your local bookstore
For use with children ages 5-13
In paperback, ebook and audio


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