parent and teach safe kids

Look For The Helpers

on June 9, 2013


Take your child to the store this week.
Introduce them to a cashier, and explain what they do. In a store the cashier is a safe place. Then explain to the cashier that you are going to take your child to the back of the store and see if he/she can make it back to them, as a safe place in the store.
Once they have done that, have your child pretend that they need help, perhaps lost, and have them ask the cashier to help them.
Something like this,
Child -“Excuse me, I need help!”
Cashier- ” Yes I can help you, what’s wrong?”
Child- ” I can’t find my Mom/Dad/Nana ”
Cashier- “What is your name? Who are you here with? ”
Child provides his name , guardian’s name and must be able to provide
the phone number of either the parent or the number to get the parent most accessible.
I used a a rhyme to teach my girls
“667-6172 that’s my number I love you.”
Try it, it works!

Every child in preschool, or Kindergarten should know their family names , address and phone number…….

This summer we are working on our Pinterest bucket list of fun crafts, geography, math and reading…..hope you are all enjoying the summer fun, make some SAFE MEMORIES!




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