parent and teach safe kids


on November 10, 2013


Recently, a three year old accompanies his parents and Grandma down an escalator at the mall.
He reaches back, and exclaims happily, “Hold my hand Grandma!”
His mother, with signs of jealousy, and, or just plain irrationality, intercepted his little hand , nastily hissing at the three year old,
“Hey she’s NOT the one who has been cleaning up your sh#* and vomit all week!”
(He is three, he does not understand what he has done to deserve her wrath, but the convicting tone is cruel and frightening)

Are you appalled by this? Are you convicted by this? Been there, seen that?

Whatever problem the mother has, she has now transferred it to the less powerful child, who is dependent on her.

Bullying by parents is not talked about nearly as much as it should be!

A bullied child at home or school, will exhibit many signs of need.
Do what you can, as a grandparent, a mentor, a friend, a teacher, a neighbor…….
A broken spirit, is very difficult to repair.


2 responses to “WORDS MATTER

  1. I am sure that this happens more often than we think and in more subtle ways. We must teach children through respect and bullying is far from respectful.

  2. Lorette, it happens all around us, ,sometimes subtly,,just as often not,.,,we walk past it, in the grocery, the park,, in the neighborhood, in our schools….we must give a broken child, a voice.

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