parent and teach safe kids

About the Author and PROJECT SAFE

If you want every child as I do to grow up safely, make good choices

be  confident, empowered and success-filled welcome aboard the express train to safe kids across the nation.

A plan tailored by parents and teachers for their child, their family

and their class.

Welcome to my world, the one where we strive together to grow the safest next generation.

I am calling it PROJECT SAFE.

3 responses to “About the Author and PROJECT SAFE

  1. I am beginning a massive push to announce the creation of a movement to allow every child access to SAFETY EDUCATION in elementary school. I am not just selling my book!
    It’s true! I know many will think that, but I seriously am a crusader for kids. Those who know me know it is true. When someone gives up a job and savings to put everything into helping kids you know there has to be something to it. Kids are saved everyday by using this easy to use plan. They keep it in their “back pockets” all of their lives in case they need it.
    There are other safety forums, good ones. However,it is only natural that I like mine best, because I am a parent and teacher and I am the only one of those that has written a specific very easy to use book/curriculum for both parents and teachers . In just a few minutes you will see how you can each tailor this plan to your child, your family and your class.
    I have never met anyone opposed to safer children. So join me, get on board.
    Let’s make children safer tomorrow morning…….and keep them safer always.

  2. I am hoping to reflect this page in parenting blogs across the nation, your help is appreciated.

  3. zfthrimej says:

    Hi Melinda. In my most recent (9/30) blog post, i nominate (and with questions for) you for the Liebster Award. Check it out, and congratulations Melinda 🙂

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