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Don’t let your child attach themselves to a device or ever dream of being bored!

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Years ago in a parent – teacher meeting, the parents told me their child’s only work, was to do their homework, as being a student was their job.
I have always begged to differ. Parents are raising a person, not just a student. If you use this list as an somewhat outdated guideline, you will see that chores really are all about adult preparation.
Taking responsibility and being part of the team we call a family. I told my own daughters as they were growing, that we all supported our home, by working together. I used the example my mother used with me…..a house of cards, without support from all sides, can fall apart.
So it is wise to teach your child early that they are a part of a family, an important part, with an important role. Then, when they become students, when given homework, they will accept it as
a chore that is part of their own responsibilities. They will achieve more, because they accept that there is work to be done, to achieve results in the end. Homework will cease to be a battle if children accept work as part of life.
Bottom line-
The students who had responsibilities at home, generally, made very good students.


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