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Just add a few minutes of safety each week, make time for what matters most


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Run, Hide, Fight


As parents and teachers we watch the copy-cat
Crazy folks commit further atrocities and ask,
“What Now?”

Man killing Bus driver and taking five year old hostage…..
Junior High children, bringing guns to school……shooting with terrifying accuracy.
” What now?”

I have outlined all the ways children can stay safe in my book, What Should You Do? and for 99% of instances, this game plan works when they have a way to get to a safe place.
Say No to bad behavior, Go to a safe place and person, and Tell.

But what if this is not enough? Your child will have safety drills at school. Run, Hide, Fight- They will be told to lie flat or run to a safe place….check with your school superintendent’s office and get a copy of their safety drill format. That way you can streamline your parent-child-teen discussion to include what they teach at the preschool, elementary, jr high and high schools.


How She Spoke to Her Children About the Sandy Hook Tragedy

How I Spoke to My Children About the Sandy Hook Tragedy.

How will you talk to your children?  Read this!

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Sandy Hook School

Sandy Hook School.

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