parent and teach safe kids

I said, ” I want to save the world!”

So when I am shot down by a young pack of mommys at a bridal shower, I wonder, what now? If I cannot convince moms that they can indeed teach their children safety skills, that those empowered kids could be a gang of fun-loving group of  safe kids playing kickball outside, then why am I doing this?

These moms swore their children, even in agroup, will not be allowed to play outside, then I say, you need to read, it is possible to overcome fear, by educating not just our children but ourselves as well.

Take to heart the knowledge, that most people are good, with good behavior. If you teach your child an easy to use and remember set of safety skills it is possible for you as a parent to breathe easier, These skills will

Be used the rest of their lives.  They CAN say no, to bad behavior, or a bad situation,

They CAN go and tell a safe adult…….train them, a safe parent teaches safety.