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Is Your Child a Free Range Child? Were you one?


Years before she became a celebrated speaker, author Lenore Skenazy learned that I was writing about teaching safety, and actually wrote and called me, or maybe I called her…can’t remember…. She was in a hot debate
As the World’s Worst Mom for letting her son take the New York Subway alone.

Since then I have stayed in communication with her, not always agreeing but totally supportive of the outcome we both believe in, empowered healthy kids, who know how to take care of themselves, given basic safety guidance.

We both believe that it is the parents who have become afraid, and then affected their children with the same fears. It reminds me of the parents of students I had over the years
Who were not allowed to have pets, because they could bite or scratch them.

Things I worry about.
Children sitting in front of a screen, your pick, tv, iPad, computer, video game, etc.
Children not playing in a group, riding bikes, running around with squirt guns, and water balloons, and basically laying outside, until they are really tired.
How many of us played outside? How many obese kids did you know who played outside?

I went to camp for 3 months , a whopping three thousand miles from home, when I was 8,9, 10 and 11. There was some supervision you bet, but I was not under constant surveillance. I learned to swim, ride a horse, raise a calf, feed the cows, new games, adventure, learned to Bail hay, camped and sang around a campfire…made homemade peach ice cream…picked blue berries in the White Mountains…..the best summers of my life.

I was always hungry at supper time , always happily tired at night and skinny as a rail.
I never once felt unsafe or afraid.

Even at home, we always played till dark or until our Mom whistled.

So why am I telling you all this?
I wrote a book to teach children how to be alert to behaviors, what to do if faced with bad behavior and what I had hoped to gain is empowerment for parents as well as children.

I have not seen the study Lenore discusses, with Forty year low in kidnappings,
But safety is so much more than that. It is teaching kids common sense and resourcefulness.
Think about the girl and boyscouts. Don’t they end up earning badges in being resourceful?
Knowing what to do when faced with situations, commonly called, life?

Yes, there will always be bad behavior with humans, from the playground to the grave.
But keeping a child locked up, or in a parade of careful scheduled activities is not the answer.

When you give my book, WHAT SHOULD YOU DO?, 20131228-075925.jpgto a teacher, a new parent for a baby shower, to a friend, you are not just hoping to help their children become safe people, but the actual teaching of the kids then allows that parent to allow their child to become “Free Range.”
If parents each felt they have helped to develop a child into an empowered
Human being, you will see more children, emerging from their air conditioned homes,
Asking each other to go and play!




Neighbors, Friends and Strangers band together
To attempt to save victims buried in the wreckage.

I teach children good people are everywhere and will come to help them. Tell your child about heroes.

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Years ago I sat with my babies on my lap when they finally pulled baby Jessica from the well

Today, I, along with the rest of the nation wait, hoping that the little 5 yr old who was kidnapped off his school bus will be returned to the safety of his family. The atrocities, brought to even the quietest of communities across our nation, by copy cat crazy folks just keep coming.

Three days ago, a man with very bad behavior (remember we do NOT say Stranger / Danger, this is about behavior) killed a school bus driver as he attempted to save the school children on his bus. He then took one child, a five year old boy, to his under ground bunker, from where he is now negotiating with an army of officers above ground.
We wait, we probably second guess with our spouses what could be done….we wait, we pray.

We do need to be vigilant, in our awareness of the members of our communities. Use your intuition, and your powers of observation. Most people are good, going about their lives in a safe and normal fashion. however in every community there are a few people who may suffer from mental illness, and people who seem to live on the very fringe of society. It is your job, when you have concerns, speak up, and keep speaking up until your worries have been relieved.

You may never know the lives you have saved.

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