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National Walk to School Day is Coming

Organize neighborhood walking pairs and groups.
Pay Attention to the behaviors around you.
Never have both earbuds in while walking.
Use the Safe and Sound Strategy!
If you walk home, to stay home on your own,
never show your key in your hand until you use it to enter your home.
Always check to make sure the home is secure before entering.
If you are not sure, seek a safe neighbor for help.
A parent can help manage the safety of their child by teaching safe
practices, pointing out the correct and designated route,
and telling children areas or homes to avoid.

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BY Author Melinda Reynolds Tripp
What Should You Do? Helping Children Protect Themselves in the Twenty-First Century
Tate Publishing 2010

Safe Kids Worldwide is promoting safety for walkers with the following basic strategies-

Look left, then right, then left again when you cross the street.
Cross the street at the corner or at a crosswalk and obey all traffic signals.
Cross the street with an adult until you are at least 10 years old.
Walk on sidewalks or paths, not in the street.
Play in safe areas, away from streets, driveways and parking lots.
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Another Hero, someone our students and children can relate to!

20130726-175730.jpgZna Gresham may not think of herself as a hero, but she is certainly being hailed as one.

In a lifesaving catch, the 10-year-old girl caught a baby that was dropped from a second-floor apartment in Decatur, Ga., after the building caught fire, the Associated Press reports.

The family living in the apartment was trapped by the fire, which reportedly started on the ground floor. DeKalb County Fire Battalion Chief Christopher Morrison said the mother had no choice but to drop her three children out the window.

“The smoke was rising so quickly to the upper floors, they couldn’t make their way outside their upper apartment into the hallway because of the smoke. They just went to a window and they threw the child outside to the people, to the neighbors, down on the ground,” Morrison explained to WSB Radio.

Gresham and her sister were standing below, and the 10-year-old managed to catch the 1-month-old before the baby hit the ground. The 2- and 3-year-old children did not fare as well and sustained minor injuries in the fall. All three were transported to a local hospital for treatment, along with two adults who were also hurt in the blaze.

While Gresham made the daring catch, she credited her entire household for helping to save the family trapped in the burning apartment.

“It took all of my family to help get the babies out and help save a family,” Gresham told WSB-TV. “In our family, we take care of our neighbors, no matter what.”

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Teach Behavior Awareness Not Stranger Danger

What safe kids do.

What safe kids do.

Most people are strangers to us, we have not met them.
Most of these people are good and have good behavior.
Teach your child what good behavior looks and feels like.
A very few people have bad behavior,
Teach your child to be aware of what people say and do.
It is the behaviors of the people around us that we need to be aware of.
Teach a child to use their intuition, be aware of behaviors.
If something sounds or feels wrong……icky……get away from those kids, teens or adults and go to a safe person to tell.
It is very important for your child to be grounded in the knowledge that if ey re kicking and screaming the good people who are EVERYWHERE, will help them!
For more information of parenting or teaching a safe child
What Should You Do? Helping Children Protect Themselves in the Twenty-First Century
By Melinda Reynolds Tripp On Amazon, or through your local bookstore
For use with children ages 5-13
In paperback, ebook and audio

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UW Student Home Invasion 911 Calls Show Terror

Two separate 911 calls placed by female University of Washington students during the same home invasion thwarted a convicted rapist who had held their six female roommates hostage at knife-point. The dramatic 911 recordings were released Tuesday by King County authorities, more than one week after…

via UW Student Home Invasion 911 Calls Show Terror.

In my  “9/11 philosophy”  for  a , ” Let’s Roll!”  situation,

(where one feels if they don’t do something then who will?)

is that the six girls being herded by one man with a knife  might have turned on him, frightening him out of the house.

I do not second guess them. I simply think that if every child were taught empowerment skills at an early age that they would not be as likely ever to be controlled by bad , even scary behavior, where compliance is demanded and expected.

In nearly every speaking engagement people try and trip me up and ask me about the most terrible situations that they can think of….

I always come back to the basics.  Give your child, teen, daughter , son…..a basic plan.  Say No!, to a bad situation, Go! and Tell!

You see parts of the plan here…..No, hide the knife, No – Tell call 911.

Empowered children, teens and adults are safer people.

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” A prepared child can t…

” A prepared child can turn fright time into flight time.”. Melinda Reynolds Tripp

Author of Abduction Prevention Education, for children ages 5-13