parent and teach safe kids


A boy with sister in tow approached my daughter and granddaughter in the 4H petting Zoo Building at the County Fair.
He asked “Do you have a cell phone?” She assured him she did, and asked if he needed help.
He told her he couldn’t find his parents and then proceeded to reel off his parents cell number. My daughter was impressed and the family was reunited immediately.
She then bent down to hug her little girl who is four, and told her that is why she had taught her their cell number! She said, ” Did you see how he found a Mommy with a child to ask? That’s a good idea at the fair! ”
She then firmly held her hand and off they went to explore……..
Teach Safety Strategies!

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Back to School Safely

Your checklist for back to school, just needs one more item……🇺🇸

The safety talk-🚌

1. Depending on grade level,  check through , What Should You Do? To make sure you have discussed all the items for this age level proactively. Resolve any situations that may have occurred over the summer vacation. ⛵.     🚤      🌄.       ⛺.     🚲.   🌅.      🍉.     ⛵.

Bullying will be talked about in school this year, this is your chance to have first crack at the subject.

2. This is a good time to discuss, safe behaviors.  If  your child will be home alone for any period of time before or after school, make sure you give them very clear guidelines and expectations.🏠

3.  Remind children that good behavior builds them into safe and responsible adults. Everyone has rules; children, teens and adults.  Have them give examples of good rules for children, teens and adults……🚥

4. Remind them of their basic plan.👍

When confronted with a bad situation, say no to it and go to a safe person and tell.👟

5. Go over walking/ riding routes, safe walking strategies (the lighthouse walk) and remind them to drop an earbud, while on alert. Hearing and seeing go hand in hand to prevent accidents.👫🚶

6. Remind, reassure, then relax! (try)

 Every child is capable of being a super safety hero!💪